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Do you ever have a tons of spreadsheets with test scenarios filled with the same data? Changing and sending it to team members for keeping it up-to-date?

Probably yes…

The more spreadsheets you have more chaotic work and communication will be. That’s why we created a testscenar.io – to help organise and automate test plans management.

Testscenar.io is a new product and a powerful tool for creating reusable test cases and testing plans. With testscenar.io you can generate test reports and share it across your team with up-to-date information about testing process.

Creating a test case

Creating a test plan


What next?

We are going to constantly update testscenar.io. After launch we are working on those features:

File attachments

We believe that test reports should have as much information as it is possible. Attachments will be available in test reports.

Estimated Test Case Time

We know that predicting time on testing is painful, but “Estimated execution time” on test case will be available soon. So when you will be creating a new test plan the estimated execution time will be shown.

Easier Way To Add Test Cases To Plan

At the moment you can add test cases simply by selecting it from dropdown. We are going to improve this! How? You will be able to add test cases or entire folder of it simply by drag and drop principle.


In first version we are introducing Labels with only mark the test plan option. After next labels update you could filter and sort by labels possibilty.


Next, we are going to introduce paging functionality to not get lost in tons of test cases, plans and reports.

Closing words

Many more improvements are coming. Follow us on Twitter @testscenarioapp and like our Facebook page testscenar.io.

So let’s get started and register at https://app.testscenar.io.

Best wishes,

testscenar.io team


Testscenar.io is a powerful tool for creating reusable test cases and testing plans.
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